Fun at Book Nook Inn’s Movie Room

Check Out a Movie at Book Nook Inn

Escape into a world of cinematic bliss at the Book Nook Inn. With a vast collection of hundreds of films, we hope to satisfy every movie lover’s cravings. You can choose to unwind in our cozy Movie room or bring the movie magic to your room by viewing it on the room’s DVD player. Our films offer a much-needed respite from the chaos of the outside world. Let these movies transport you to a realm of pure relaxation and enjoyment at the Book Nook Inn.
Spend some time in the Movie room enjoying one of our hundreds of DVDs. It is open until 9PM for your enjoyment. If you are staying in the Yellow Room it is open 24 hours.

Enjoy Our Movie Room

Escape reality with movies, not drugs. We have films galore.

At Book Nook Inn, we invite you to discover a film that will not only entertain you but also open your mind to new experiences. Through compelling characters who confront the same challenges we do, these movies have the potential to transform our perspectives and change us for the better.

Kick back and Enjoy

Enjoy a whole new world.

Enhance your happiness by watching more movies! According to a study by LOVEFiLM, individuals who watch two movies a week experience 15% more happiness compared to those who only watch one or two a month. The genre of the film doesn’t matter – it’s the act of enjoying a movie that has a positive effect. Even watching just one film per week can boost your mood. So why not indulge in a movie while you’re at Book Nook Inn and become a happier, more positive person?

Check out our Movie Room. We have over a thousand DVDs to select from. Sit back and enjoy.
We have hundreds of DVDs to select from. We have these and many more.

Hundreds of Movies to Choose from

Escape reality with a great film

Select from Book Nook Inn’s vast selection of DVDs covering every genre and culture. Movies are more than just entertainment; they reflect our beliefs and shape our understanding of the world. Discover the hidden truths about our society and challenge your own ideologies. Open your mind to new perspectives and embrace the power of film to provoke self-reflection and inspire change.

Enjoy a Movie Escape

Relax and Enter the Fantasy Land of Movies

Experience a great movie night at Book Nook Inn. Relax in comfort as you sip on your favorite drinks and savor your very own customized snacks. No need to dress up, but do wear something comfy! With our state-of-the-art surround sound system, you can enjoy the best parts of the movie theater experience right here at the Inn.

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