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[bt_cost_calculator admin_email=”” subject=”Hotel California” email_client=”” email_confirmation=”” time_start=”” time_end=”” currency=”$” m_name=”Mandatory” m_email=”Mandatory” m_phone=”Mandatory” m_address=”” m_date=”Mandatory” m_time=”Mandatory” m_message=”” accent_color=”” show_booking=”yes” rec_site_key=”” rec_secret_key=”” paypal_email=”” paypal_cart_name=”” paypal_currency=”” el_class=”” el_style=”” currency_after=”” date_text=”Arrival Date” time_text=”Arrival Time”]
Room and vacants

Standard vacation information

[bt_cc_group eval=”var room = $1; var adults = $2; var children = $3; var days = $4; var buffet = $5; var bar_refill = $6; var vault = $7; var extra_tv = $8; var massage = $9; var fitness = $10; var skiing = $11; var final = (room + buffet + massage + fitness + skiing) * days * (adults + children * .5) + extra_tv + vault + bar_refill; return final;” paypal_label=””][bt_cc_item name=”Choose a Room” type=”select” value=”Standard Double Room;49;from 49 / night Standard Family Room;79;from 79 / night Garden Family Room;89;from 79 / night Deluxe Double Room;59;from 59 / night Executive Junior Suite;79;from 79 / night Executive Deluxe Suite;109;from 109 / night Executive Double Suite;119;from 119 / night Maisonette;129;from 129 / night” images=”42,41,563,44,43,565,562,564″ img_height=”60″][/bt_cc_item][bt_cc_item name=”How many Adults” type=”slider” value=”1;10;1;1;0″ images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][bt_cc_item name=”How many Children” type=”slider” value=”1;10;1;1;0″ images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][bt_cc_item name=”How many days will you stay?” type=”slider” value=”1;30;1;1;0″ images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][bt_cc_item name=”Choose your buffet” type=”select” value=”Bed and Breakfast;15;$15 per person per day Breakfast and Dinner;35;$35 per person per day Full Buffet;55;$55 per person per day All Inclusive;70;$70 per person per day” images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item]

Room options

Extra amenities

[bt_cc_item name=”Would you like daily bar refill?” type=”switch” value=”0;50″ images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][bt_cc_item name=”Fancy a room vault?” type=”switch” value=”0;20″ images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][bt_cc_item name=”Would you like extra TV channels?” type=”switch” value=”0;20″ images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item]

Boost your stay

Extra hotel services

[bt_cc_item name=”Would you like a daily massage?” type=”switch” value=”0;50″ images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][bt_cc_item name=”How about some fitness classes?” type=”switch” value=”0;50″ images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][bt_cc_item name=”And would you try water skiing?” type=”switch” value=”0;50″ images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][/bt_cc_group][/bt_cost_calculator]

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3216 W Highland Boulevard
San Diego, California





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