Our Inn in pictures

Photo Gallery of Book Nook Inn

Discover more about Book Nook Inn through our extensive Photo Gallery. Immerse yourself in our showcase of pictures of some of the activities available at the Inn – from fishing and exploring the library to enjoying billiards and board games in our Game Room. Immerse yourself in the beauty of our grounds as you scroll through captivating pictures. Get acquainted with our extraordinary haven. Join us now and discover the magic of Book Nook Inn!

Welcome to the Inn

Discover the enchanting world of Book Nook Inn!  We have assembled some pictures of what you see when you first arrive at our Inn. Get a sneak peek into the extraordinary experience that awaits you at our eclectic Bed and Breakfast. We hope these pictures will ignite your curiosity and spark the desire to embark on a holiday journey with us. Scroll through our hundreds of pictures of the Inn and its grounds.

Pictures of the Common Area

Get acquainted with the shared area of our Inn. We have added pictures of our Living Room, Dining Area, Bar Area, Movie Room, Game Room, and other commonly shared areas. Included also, are some interesting interior shots of the Inn that we felt speaks volumes of the vibrant atmosphere that sets our Inn apart. We have been told our Inn is very eclectic and interesting in its design and plethora use of trim and stain-glass usage. We hope you will share this view.

Picture of Book Nook Inn’s Grounds

Explore our stunning collection of photos to get a true sense of the Inn’s charming grounds and its overall layout. Our aerial views will guide you through the property, allowing you to easily navigate and discover what it has to offer. Upon arrival at the front of the Inn, the vastness of the property is not obvious, nor is the presence of our spacious event room, Pool, or its three-story tower that houses two of our exquisite guest rooms.

Dining At the Inn

Breakfast is typically a BIG deal at most B&B inns as it makes up the second “B” in B&B!  Like most innkeepers, Book Nook Inn tries to make breakfast a memorable experience for our guests. Most mornings we serve fruit, eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, pancakes, French toast, potatoes,  and other breakfast standards. But that’s not all – we can also whip up delicious lunches or dinners upon request. And on special occasions, like Valentine’s Day, we create exciting dinner parties that are open to the public and previous guests. That is a day you need to join us for a romantic celebration like no other! A Picnic basket of food can also be requested if done prior to arrival.

Snow in Southeast Texas

Winter snow in Southeast Texas does not happen very often, but when it does – it becomes a big deal. Check out our pictures of winters when we were visited by snow.  When it comes, It’s time for snowmen, snowballs, and a romp in the snow to leave a set of footprints. It is a time to enjoy a glass of Wassail, or Irish Coffee, and some fresh chocolate chip cookies. It is a time to snuggle up in front of the fireplace and enjoy an exciting book.

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