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We are pleased to welcome you and your furry friend to Book Nook Inn – our Bed and Breakfast

Bring your friend

Your Dog is Welcomed

At Book Nook Inn, your four-legged friends are family. We can only accommodate dogs in our pet-friendly rooms. Reservations needing to add a pet can be booked only by phone at (409) 617-4854. Please note you can not make a pet reservations online.

We know there is a lot of preparation that goes into planning a trip with your dog. We hope that the information below helps you plan a memorable visit with your furry friend!

To ensure the comfort and safety of our guests, the following policies apply to your furry friends stay:

Pet Policy

1. Acceptable Pets: We welcome all well-mannered dogs. No other types of pets are allowed. Two well-mannered furry friends per room are permitted. Dogs 50+ pounds may be allowed at our discretion but you must obtain approval at the time you make your reservation.

2. Fees: There is a non-refundable fee of $15 per pet, per night. Dogs over the 50lb. limit are $20 per night. This fee is for the necessary deep cleaning of the room upon departure. If any damage is caused to the reserved room or Inn areas by your animal, applicable fees will apply (i.e. Furniture damaged, linen damage, animal waste, carpet cleaning, etc).

3. No pets at the meal table (Breakfast Table).

4. Injuries to Others/Damage to Guest Rooms and Common Areas: You will be solely responsible for any and all injury your furry friend inflicts on other guests, their animals, our staff, and any damages your animal causes to the guest rooms or common areas of the hotel. Your account will be charged for any repair or replacement cost for any property damage caused by your furry friend.

5. Furry Friend Control/Containment in Public Areas: Your furry friend must be leashed and firmly held when they are outside your room, including during their walks on outdoor grounds. Please clean up after your furry friend and dispose of any waste in the appropriate locations. Waste bags are available from the staff if needed. Furry friends may not be left unattended anywhere on the property.

6. Animals must be clean and free of fleas and other pests. Proof of current rabies vaccination, as well as other health certificates, may be required, as deemed necessary by Management.

7. Noise must be kept to a minimum: Barking dogs can disturb other guests. If your furry friend is left unattended and making noise, your card can be charged $50 for this inconvenience to the other guests.

8. Housekeeping: For the safety and comfort of your furry friend and our staff, Housekeeping will NOT service your room with your furry friend inside.

9. Service animals: Please note that registered Service Animals will not incur a fee. These animals must, per Texas State Law, be trained to perform or aid in a task that aids in their owner’s disability; it is a misdemeanor to falsely and knowingly claim that you are the owner or trainer of a service animal. The crime is punishable by 30 hours of community service and/or a fine of $300.
The waived fee does NOT apply to Emotional Support Animals, Therapy Animals, Comfort Animals, or Companion Animals.
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