Rising Appalachia band stayed with us

August 1, 2015 by admin0
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We were so delighted that we could provide lodging to this great band. I was blown away by their music and their eclectic style of delivery. They were down to earth and very businesslike as they prepared for their next concert.  They gave us a couple of their CD and they have become a favorite to play when you need a certain type of spirited music to wake your soul and give you a reason to live.  They are a inspiration to many and from the comments that I read on their Youtube channel many others feel the same way.  We hope they will grace us again with their presence. 

Here is a little about them:

In 2007, Leah and Chloe Smith decamped to New Orleans from their hometown in downtown Atlanta. The mission was to deliver art in service to the rebirth of a city, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The sisters sought to assist in the process of healing and rebuilding, collaborating on restoration education and post-storm artistic offerings with the organization Alternate Roots.

Seduced by the royalty of NOLA culture— radiant even in the midst of such unimaginable loss, struggle and trauma—the young women put down their own roots and swiftly got to work. Nestled in the bosom of New Orleans’ vibrant musical village, they saw themselves as street-culture apprentices, discovering kindred souls while steadily finding their way as Rising Appalachia.

“The voice and songs of New Orleans will knock you off your feet. They strike you quick with an almost obsessive heartache and love,” reflects Chloe. “We basically never left. We lived there for seven years, soaking in the jazz and brass, the spirit of its people. Naturally, those sounds seeped into our music, as well as into our identity as Southerners.”

Rising Appalachia’s soulful folk-roots sound traces back to parents who prioritized culture and diversity, and to the grassroots music communities that dot the hills and valleys of the Deep South. Countless weekends spent at fiddle camps like the Swannanoa Gathering, immersed in what they affectionately call “Appalachian trance music.” Through thunderstorms and hot summer nights, firefly-chasing and bullfrog belting, they developed an affinity for the forests, groves and hidden treasures of rural Appalachia.

The voices of these angels found me in the dark. I’m glad they found me again in the light.

Rising Appalachia is an American Appalachian folk music group, led by multi-instrumentalist sisters Leah Song and Chloe Smith. Their music is deeply rooted in the landscapes of Atlanta, New Orleans, and the southern Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachia.

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