Attacked by a Raccoon

February 7, 2021 by admin0

One dark and rainy night our dog “Harvey,” started going crazy in our bedroom. Something was right outside our door. I peeked out a window and saw nothing. There was no bad monster lurking around, so I grabbed a sword, opened the bedroom door to the deck, and Harvey and I went out to investigate. As soon as Harvey exited, he spotted the trespasser and raced across the deck to confront a mean-looking raccoon.  The raccoon decided that a man with a long sword and a vicious dog was not good odds so he started to run but failed to realize that the tarp he had jumped on was a cover for our pool. It would not support his weight and he started to struggle to stay afloat. As he moved around in the pool, wherever he went, Harvey would race over to meet him. Whenever the raccoon came close to a  side of the pool he would try to climb out but couldn’t get purchase and instead he would tear open the pool liner over and over. Finally, he got to the steps and escaped but by that time he had shredded the pool liner. These were not tears that could be patched – it was shredded and had to be replaced – that raccoon ripped me off for a couple of  thousand dollars.

Pet raccoons, snakes or alligators are not allowed in the Book Nook Inn pool. They are unwelcomed. We prefer only humans in the pool or visiting aliens from outer space.


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