Enjoy Fun Time in the Game Room or Grab a Great Book from the Library

Play & Read Time

Play some Billiards or enjoy one of our many board games. There is a TV in the room so you can catch a game while you shoot a bit of pool. We have hundreds of books to select from. Many of our books are for sale, so if you start one and can’t finish it during your stay – we will probably sell it to you very cheap. More books are located in the hallway going to the Movie Room.
Come and shoot a couple games of Billiards or play some of our board games. Or check out our many books.


Challenge your friends with a fun board game.

Discover the ultimate bonding experience at Book Nook Inn – where board games reign supreme! Unleash the power of play to bring people closer, forge unbreakable relationships, and even meet new friends. Spend quality time with your loved ones and strengthen your bonds while engaging in the ultimate brain exercise. Dive into a world of strategic thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving – all while having a blast! Join us at Book Nook Inn and unlock the cognitive benefits of play for all ages.


Are you a Pool Shark?

Billiards/Pool is an excellent way to encourage quality family time and create a sense of connection with your loved ones during a vacation. And it is an activity that increases Problem-Solving Skills and Hand-eye Coordination. Playing pool can also provide some cognitive benefits, in a fun and interactive activity for families to enjoy.

We have hundreds of great books to read. If you can’t finish it during your stay, we will probably be glad to sell it to you at a very discounted price – just ask.
We have lots of great books in our hallway book cases. Check them out.

Enjoy A Great Book

Reading books help us relax.

Our book shelves hold thousands of books. We are book fanatics and have filled our Inn with books of all types. If you find one you like, you can take it to your room and if you can’t finish reading it while you are vacationing at Book Nook Inn – check with us to see if we will sell it at a steep discounted price.

Check out our Book Stacks

Books Galore – Books of all Genres

Here are our Hallway stacks. As you can see we’re passionate about books and if you are an author, we would love to hear about your books. If you would like, you can add your books to our library to share with our guests and expand your literary reach.
We love to talk shop with authors, don’t be shy, reach out to us for a chat about your writing. We live and breathe the book industry and love to connect with authors like you. Book Nook Inn is a great place to work on your book or share knowledge and learn about the book business.

Just take a seat and check out our large collection of books.
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