Fun at Book Nook Inn’s Pool and Deck

Activities at the Pool

There’s always something fun to do at the Book Nook Inn. Whether it’s swimming in the pool, just enjoying a cool drink as you relax on our deck or cooking up some hamburger or hotdogs to enjoy with your family. We have the pool, the deck, the grill – you just bring the food and drink and make some memories.
You are invited to take a dip in our swimming pool located in the center of our property, (pool towels and mosquito spray available if needed) or take a seat in one of our charming outdoor nooks where comfortable seating beckons you to stop and enjoy.


Enjoy the pool responsibly.

Whether you’re alone or with family and friends, a swimming pool can provide hours of entertainment, relaxation, and great exercise. Our pool size is 33 by 16 feet and is about 3.5 feet on the shallow end and 6.5 feet on the deep end.
****  NO DIVING INTO THE POOL.….  Please be considerate of others. We do not have a lifeguard, so if you have children you are responsible for your children’s behavior and their safety. Keep an eye on your kids, at all times. Parental supervision should be constant.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN UNATTENDED IN OR AROUND THE POOL. 
We do NOT allow pets in the pool. A pet in the pool can force us to close the pool and they can also often damage the liner with their sharp nails.  

We look forward to seeing you enjoying our pool.

Pool Time With

Loved Ones

The pool brings families together and allows you to create precious memories. Parents aren’t the only ones who get stressed from time to time. Kids get a little frazzled, too. And swimming is the perfect way to alleviate stress. Water activities release endorphins — the “feel good” hormone known for its stress relief effect. When you visit Book Nook Inn – take a dip.

Please watch your children when they are in the pool and keep them safe.
Stacie And David enjoying their pool

Sit back and Enjoy

The Pool & Deck

The pool and the deck at Book Nook Inn are great for enjoying the sun, having fun, and maybe meeting new friends. Relaxing around water can help reduce stress and anxiety.  It is a place where you can chat, laugh, and enjoy while lounging poolside.  Spending time in the sun can help your body produce vitamin D. Hope to see you soon by our pool.

Enjoy Evening

By the Pool

In the evening the pool is lit up with lots of colored lights making it an exciting place to hang out. Other than an occasional attack by mosquitoes it is a quiet and peaceful place to sit and talk with a friend.

The Pool is lit up in the evening.
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